Instructions for students

Instructions for Students.



  • Attendance is compulsory, whether you are a runner or student helper.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against students who are absent without a valid reason or medical certificate. 
  • Students who are unable to take part due to long term medical reason or any other reason must inform their PE teachers.
  • Students not feeling well on the day of the meet are to alert and inform their class marshals.


  • Students are to report to the venue in their Fraternity T-shirts and PE shorts.
  • Running shoes are allowed.
  • Students are allowed to change to their Class T-shirts, CCA T-shirts, after official dismissal at the end of the meet.

Personal Belongings:

  • Students are responsible for their own belongings. Class may organise to collectively put their belongings together and have a member of the class (excuse personnel) to look after the belongings during the race.
  • Students are advised NOT to bring too many items as there are no lockers nearby to store their belongings.
  • Students are advised NOT to bring too much cash or expensive valuables which might get stolen. 

Water & Refreshments:

  • Students are advised to bring their own water to keep themselves hydrated throughout the games. 


  • Toilets are situated very far away and students are advised to change into their running attire at home before arriving at the venue.

Respecting the public property around the venue:

  • Students are to keep the area clean at all times. Litters are to be thrown at the rubbish bins provided.
  • Students are to ensure that the public or mobile toilets are kept clean and serviceable at all times. Do not clog the toilet bowls or wash basins with toilet paper. 
  • Students are to respect the public property around the venue and not to damage them.
  • Do not damage any plants or structures while running.

Wet Weather:

  • In the event of wet weather, students are still required to report at the venue. Attendance will be taken.
  • In the event of heavy rain, students are to assemble in an organised manner (class by class) with their belongings underneath the shelter at the assembly area.
  • Lighting alert or any postponement will be announced at the venue by the Meet Manager.
  • Road marshals are to seek cover at the nearby shelters (i.e. training sheds, rest corners, public toilets etc.)