Rules and Regulations

  1. All students barring those on valid reasons such as valid medical reasons, religious reasons, official business or duties will be excused from participating in the event.
  2. As the annual cross country championship is a school event, attendance is compulsory. Attendance will be marked twice, before and after the event.
  3. All participants will run according to their level, regardless of their age.
  4. Medals will be awarded to the following:
    • Top 20 Winner Medals
      • Top 20 of each level :  Year 1 to 4
      • Top 10 for each gender: Year 5 and Year 6
    • Finisher Medals
      • Top 180 for Year 1 to 4
      • Top 100 for Year 5 and 6 boys respectively
      • Top 50 for Year 5 and 6 Girls respectively
  5. The points calculation for both class and Fraternity will be based on the following below
6. Champion Class for the Annual Cross Country Championships
6.1 Level Champion Class
a.The average timing across all participants for each class will be used towards calculating the winning class
b. In event of a tie (I.E Two classes get a winning average time of 18minutes 30seconds), the class with the highest ranked individual runner will win.
6.2 Fraternity Points 
a. The position achieved by the top 180 runners (60 from Year 1/2, 60 from Year 3/4, 30 each from Year 5/6 Boys and 30 each from Year 5/6 Girls) of the Fraternity will be used to calculate the points accumulated by the Fraternity.
b. The Fraternity with the lowest total points clocked wins.
c. Final points awarded to each Fraternity will be according to their placing in the cross country. (see below)
Placing 1st   2nd  3rd  4th
 Point  50  30  20  10